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Top 10 side Hustles in 2022

“If you have one source of income you are one step away from poverty”

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If you want to earn extra money to meet your expenses do the following 10 hustle and make as much as possible.

Amazon KDP(Kindle Direct Publication)

Amazon self-publishing platform for creative writers as well as book publishers. You make an account on Amazon KDP, start writing a book, write an impressive book cover, and then list it on KDP at a reasonable price.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you are a good influencer on any platform of social media start earning money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing. Go to Amazon Associate central, Sign up, sell 3 products in180 days, approve your account and start a passive income.


One of the leading platforms in the freelance industry for micro jobs is Picowerkers. Start making handsome capital with your device(mobile, tablet, and PC). Do listed tasks and get paid. Sign up today on Picowerkers


Creativity is the main thing in this field of earning. Go to CANVA create an account start practicing Canva then earn money by giving services of the following things:

  1. Graphic Designing
  2. Social Media Post
  3. Book Cover Design
  4. T-shirt
  5. Logo design
  6. Flyer
  7. Brochures
  8. PhotoShop

E-Book Collection

This is the best way for extra earning. People are more interested in reading on the internet than in published books. The task for you is to collect pdf of premium Books, list them on your social media and give access to the reader against money and believe me you earn a lot. For storing these books use Blogger and Google drive.

Free Website

A little bit difficult but you have to start. Just go to Blogger, and create a website for a niche you want to choose. Go to any website, copy with the content and then go to Google Translator to translate the content. Go to your website and post this. Apply for monetization after at least 30 posts and 5-10 should be listed by the search engine. When your site got approved you get money.

Data Collection

In this technology world data is the best product for selling. Start collecting data today and store it in google drive and sell on-demand on social media. The following things you can collect:

  • E-Books
  • Courses
  • Pdf Files
  • Videos
  • Phone numbers of the industries

Video Editing

This is also a part/full-time job for you to earn. If you have a smartphone to install Inshot it is free of cost and does almost everything in video editing. If you want for PC, just install Shotcut. Go to use your communication skill on social media and on freelance platforms to grab the opportunity for yourself and earn huge capital.


An amazing platform for earning without doing anything. This platform sells your data(Internet) against money. Just install Traffmonitizer on your phone, Tablet, and PC, link your account and start earning without doing anything.


Watching videos is a common thing across the world, But how is this amazing if you can earn while watching videos and playing amazing games so install ClipClap on your mobile and get the reward of one dollar from my side.

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