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SG welfare community offers assistance to individuals and families in need, with such programs as health care assistance, food stamps, education and unemployment compensation. Lesser-known parts of an SG welfare community include disaster relief and educational assistance.

SG Welfare community first show ever

1$,One Plant Project

We are working with SG Welfare Community in Pakistan.

Our new target is to grow 10000 plants this spring season.

Due to Global warming, the temperature is increasing day by day.

One day it will impossible to live on this beautiful Earth.

The only way to counter this problem is to grow plants effectively.

It will give us pure and fresh oxygen as well as liveable temperature. SG Welfare Community is doing well in the field of education, unemployment and Environmental crisis.

We hope to be supported all around the world in different ways given below:

1. By growing Plants

2. By supporting with a donation

3. By sharing with friends and family

Hope it will bring some positivity in us.


CEO of SG Welfare Community: Muddasir Hussain

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Let’s make something beautiful together.

Courtesy SG Welfare Community


SG Welfare Community Offering Education to poor children on the basis of science and Technology.

Poor didn’t have enough resources to get good quality of education.

Many students are out of college because they have empty hands and nothing to do for earning money. We are helping them by financially and morally.

Your donation giv someone better life.

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Picture by Muddasir Hussain

Clean and Green Pakistan

SG Welfare Community also working for clean and green Pakistan on its own behalf.

With in one year this community grow 1000+ plants in different cities.

We are motivating people to grow plants and save humanity from pollution and green house effect.

Picture by Muddasir Hussain


SG Welfare Community is doing its best to teach how to earn money within your resources.

Our target is to bring the Pakistan out of poverty.

We are working with small group of people in villages to bring them out of poverty.

Three Things in Human Life are Important: The First is to be Kind; The Second is to be Kind; The Third is to be Kind.

Hanry James

  Picture by Michael O’Donnell

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Donate now and help humanity.

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