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How I change the world?

This global village is a beautiful place in the universe where we are living now. But it is not the same as it was. With time, the power of the human brain and technology makes it so much more livable and charming. Although it is done by us we created many things which harm this beautiful place such as atom bombs. If I have time to change the world so what I will change is given here:

Plastic Free world

Every time we invented for the benefit of humanity but it proved a hazard in the end. First-time plastic bags be discovered for the transfer of small things from one place to another easily, but today the biggest problem of the world is nothing than plastic.

We can’t even think that the more use of plastic created solid waste which can’t be degraded into normal particles. It created many problems for living things, especially for Sea living organisms.

How do I remove it? Well, I can’t remove but we can. We are just aware everyone, how to get rid of it by dumping in the barren land and promise themselves not to use plastic bags again. We have something for replacement is clothes bags, paper bags, and degrade able bags.


We are equally important in this world whether you live in British Columbia, Canada, South Carolina, India, South Africa, the Middle East, or in Asia, Australia, and Garmany. We are equal whether we are black or white.

If I have the power to change it then the farmers in Africa are equally important to the businessman of the United States of America.

The resources of the world will be equally distributed with each other. And the results produced will give food to Ethiopian and African. This is how I change the world.


We are here as a guest in this world. We will die one day but this world remains. Plants are the one important thing I know in the world which gives us fresh oxygen, home to animals and birds, food for everyone. But we do wrong with them as we. Just lodge down for our benefits but can’t grow another one.

This thing I’m doing now and of course I will do it tomorrow, another day, and another day after a day.

If you think this blog has something that has blown your mind, comments down. This is how I change the world.

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