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Digital Currency

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This is the time of artificial intelligence and digital world. People wants everything with just few clicks. Technology is revolving very quickly. All this thing effect the finance across the world, from barter system to currency and then banking . You would accessed your money by going to bank or by ATM with the passing of time, world is trying to change this currency to digital currency.

Almost 8 banks of the world is accepting Digital currency . Bitcoin is one of the famous digital currency. My question is it safe to use digital currency? Well! the answer of this question is surprising, Although it connect the whole world each other but it is not enough secure because of the reason everyone is trying to be rich by the way or the other. They want money for almost nothing but points and numbers. Moreover it is not clear weather the currency is true and registered.

In Pakistan digital currency is banned by state bank without any demonstration. Many free lancer and digital marketing manager wants everything in Pakistan because they know well about making money online. There is some laws which hold punishment if you have digital currency.

Although sindh high court allowed Digital currency but supreme court is doing something with this. My personal opinion on digital currency is that it will be allowed in limited way and proper verification of the money which will be paid for digital currency to protect the assets of Pakistan and from money loundering.

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