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Azad Chaiwala youtuber

Azad chaiwala The Name of Respect [Idopedia]


Whenever we think about young millionaires Mr. Azad Chaiwala is one of the good examples for Pakistani youngsters. The very good image of Pakistan. A multi-millionaire and off course multi-talented personality. He is an incredibly successful entrepreneur as well. He started his business career with 53 Pkr only at the age of 12 in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. When he was 21, He makes millions of dollars in the gaming industry.

Azad Chaiwala

Gaming Industry:

The turning point of his life when his first gaming website freeonlinegames.com also called FOG.com was made in 2000-2001. FOG.com welcomed over 2 billion game players. This is because it gave high-quality games free of cost FOG.com was ranked in the 700 most popular websites across the globe. The most famous game of his career was “Dirt Bike” which was played 3 billion times since 2003 when published.

Dirt Bike

Application Developement:

Azad has over 1000 apps already published. His applications/games downloads cross 700 million. Some notables are given below: 

  • i6 (400m) 
  • Ace viral (200m) 
  • Game pickle (100)

Social Network:

He has a youtube channel with 870k+ followers

He has a Facebook page with 450k+ follower 



Now he is a millionaire he had the bounty of domains. He owned more than 15000 domains.

  • FOG.com
  • Mud.com
  • i6.com
  • chaiwala.com
  • Salaam.com
  • Riyal.com
  • Khaleeji.com
  • Sunnah.com
  • Zakat.com
  • Hadith.com
  • Adhan.com
  • Salah.com


On google, he had clicks of more than 800m. All because of his ability to understand the quality of problem-solving content. 

Skill Transfer/Education Industry

In 2009 Azad welcomed his first students, Girls from a Gov College based in District Bhimber. For Azad, it was a race against time. These girls were leaving college and had yet not learned anything about computers. He wanted Pakistan to have a skilled female workforce and educated mothers. The first batch was so successful that 4 students were who had taken the (Advance computing, office receptionist/admin & office computer technician) course reported getting jobs based on their skills alone. Azad was thrilled with the result and proceeded to open a further 21 branches all free of cost under the name Infaaq IT Center.

Though there were tens of thousands of students who learned via his institutes for free, Azad felt they were always undervalued and underutilized (FREE was stigmatized as being low quality), thus in 2019 began the formal closure of all 22 institutes. shutting the doors of the last one on 31st December 2019. On first January 2020, Azad opened the doors to one mega centre under his own name Azad Chaiwala Institute. This time Azad decided to charge the public, rich or poor, they had to pay as no longer was he going to accept Pakistan lowering itself to charitable donations. It was time for Pakistan to stand up. And in the process of revolutionizing education. Azad plans on making a lot of money, much to the dismay and heartache of his haters.

Azad’s plan is to give consumers in Pakistan a much higher level of skill-based education at a much cheaper cost and in a significantly shorter time period. He is sure the smart ones will choose the skill over ratta every single day.

Marriage Network

Some of Azad’s ongoing projects which in his own words he does not yet consider major successes are SecondWife.com/Polygamy.com & GoMarry.com – In one shape or another, Azad is trying his best to bring stability and happiness into peoples lives through marriage.


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