Senegal refugee camp fraud

Useful Info about an active scam group

Please Share and Save ur Loved ones

I’ll like to Inform all of my friends to don’t respond to any Email from any stranger, specially when it is from Refugee Camp of Dakar- Senegal

I’ve been receiving some from last two days, she starts with just friendship
I thought of making international friend and respond her warmly

The very next Email was of Money she want to give me, worth 4.5 $ million
I shocked at once, contacted my best friend ******* *******

He didn’t have any idea. The next hope was Google

I shocked there were hundreds of thousands of people having received same type Emails from different sources(noone was such fool to send her large amount of money, so no victim at all)

Then I came to know whole story, I’m posting it in points
1. FB msg for friendship, not accepting Friend Request
* She becomes of same religion as of u
2. Talk on Emails
3. Showing some love and honesty
4. 2 sexy pics
5. Her fake story
6. Her lost money
* Her friend but she claims she doesnot have sexy relations with him
7. Bank info
8. Email from bank
9. Some documents
10. A lawyers Mail
11. Asking some dollars $1000-$2500
12. Motivating you to pay by sexy chat
* i.e. kisses, hugs, sex, even she talks about childrens, she emphasis on her love and KunwaraPan
13. Lawyer reducing advance price

If you done, then they are done and no responce in future

That is all story, everyone is contacted with different name(mine was Miss Tessy Semson)

Your Good, if you just refuse friendship in very early Stage
He is man in real and group business partner,

For ur Info: There is no electricity and little water in Refugee Camps Senegal, khaak Internet or PC

Combined from Self-Experience + Many other Targets