Here are six ways to win friends by exercising just a little initiative:

  1. Introduce yourself to others at every possible opportunity-at parties, meetings, on airplanes, at work, everywhere.
  2. Be sure the other person gets your name straight.
  3. Be sure you can pronounce the other person’s mane the way he pronounces it.
  4. Write down the other person’s mane, and be mighty sure you have it spelled correctly; understandably people have a thing about the correct spelling of their own names! If possible, get their address and phone number, also.
  5. Drop a personal not or make a phone call to the new friends you feel you want to know better. This is an important point. Most successful people follow through on new friends with a letter or a phone call.
  6. And last but not least, say pleasant thing to strangers. It warms you up and gets you ready for the task ahead.